Scanned Images

1995 reunion

1995 reunion 2


Adam and Christy

Adam and Christy 2

Adam and Dad

Adam, Christy and Dad

Adam, Christy, Mom, Dad and Charles Evans

Angela and Charles Evans 1979

Aunt Lucille & Jim Kendrick & boys

Bill and Doris Daneke

Building built by Charles Evans

Chandy, Fix, Charles, Bolly 1942

Charles and Jim Kendrick

Charles and Jim Kendrick

Charles Evan Jr. cutting oats

Charles Evans

Charles Evans 1st grade class 1944

Charles Evans 2

Charles Evans 2nd grade class 1945

Charles Evans 3rd grade class 1946

Charles Evans 5th grade class 1948

Charles Evans fourth grade class 1947

Charles Evans III

Charles Evans III 1941

Charles Evans III 2

Charles III

Charles III

Charles III & Genie Evans

Charles III, Bill Daneke &, Mary

Charles III, helper, & Charles Jr.

Charles Kendrick

Charles on horse at Miss Sue's house

Charlie Evans Jr.


Christy and Adam Daneke (Left), Adam and Christy Daneke  (Top Right), Doris, Bill, Christy and Adam (Bottom Right)

Christy and Adam

Christy and Adam in pool

Christy and Adam in pool 2

Christy and Adam in pool 3

Christy Daneke McEwan

Clara and John T. Willis

Clara and John T. Willis 1944

Clara Evans

Clara Evans Willis

Clara Evans Willis 1944

Clara or Lucille, Charles Jr.

Clarence Evans, brother of Charles, died as child

Evans family reunion 1997 5

Evans family reunion 1997 6

Evans Reunion 1

Evans reunion 1969

Evans reunion 1971

Evans reunion 1973

Evans reunion 1975

Evans reunion 1980

Evans reunion 1980 2

Evans reunion 1985

Evans reunion 1991

Evans reunion 1995

Evans reunion 1997 2

Evans reunion 1997 3

Evans reunion 1997 4

Evans reunion June 1997 1

Francis and Elizabeth Evans

From Janet Folks wedding 5

Gardner and Charles III

Gardner Kendrick’s daughters

Genie and Charles Evans III and Randy Flynn

Genie Evans & dog

Genie Evans and Charles III

Genie, Charlie and Jacque

Genie, Charlie, and Charles III Evans

George Evans Family 1898

Greg Evans

Greg Evans and Francis Folks

Greg Evans with tractor

House in La Crusade Ca. 1932

Isadore Elizabeth Causey Sleeper

Jack Kendrick age 7

Janet Foulks son

Janet Foulks son 2

Janet Foulks son with fish

Janet Foulks sons

Janet Foulks sons 2

Janet Foulks wedding 1

Janet Foulks wedding 3

Janet Foulks wedding 4

Janet Foulks wedding 6

Janet Foulks wedding 7

Janet Foulks wedding 8

Janet Foulks wedding 8

Janet Foulks wedding 9

Jean, Charles III, and Ruth 1952

Jim and Charles Kendrick

Jim and Jack Kendrick

Jim and Jack Kendrick 1943

Jim and Janet Foulks house in the making

Jim Foulks daughter

Jim Kendrick

Jim Kendrick 2

Jim Kendrick and Todd Willis

Jim, Charles and Jack Kendrick

Jim, Charles Kendrick, Todd Willis

Jim, Jack and Charles Kendrick

Jim, Jack and Charles Kendrick

Jim, Jack, Aunt Lucille, Charles, in front Gardner

Lake Wars CEIII car 1954

Lucile Evans

Lucile Evans 2

Lucile Evans 3

Lucile Evans, Jim Kendrick and Clara Evans 1945

Lucile, Charlie, Clara, Gid and Charles 1944

Margaret McDowell Sleeper

Mary and Angela Evans

Maybe Todd

Men Working

Nannie Clara Evans married John Todd Willis Sr. 1893

Officer identity unknown

Relatives in front of Jim and Janet Foulks house

Richard Evans 11-10-1925

Robert Evans

Robert Evans 2

Robert Evans Jr. 1925

Ruth M. Jean and Genie Evans

Ruth, Genie and M. Jean Evans

Sandy Settegast Abadie and family 1997

Todd Bisty and Bistsey's uncle 1926

Todd Willis

Todd Willis

Todd Willis 1942

Todd Willis 2

Todd Willis 4

Todd Willis and Jim Kendrick 1926

Todd Willis as baby

Todd Willis with sister Nancy Claire Willis

Unknown - 1

Unknown - 2

Unknown - 3

Will and Charles Evans Jr.

Will Evans 1958

Will Evans and Clara Evans Willis 1894

Will Evans approx. 1893 or 1894